5 Best sewing machine for thick fabric

Like most people, you probably think that all sewing machines are created equal. However, if you’re looking to sew thicker fabrics, you’ll need a specifically designed machine to handle heavier materials. This blog post will discuss some of the best sewing machines for thick fabric on the market today.

We’ll also provide tips on choosing the best machine for thick fabric. So, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, read on for information that will help you find the perfect machine for your needs.

Janome HD3000
Janome HD3000 best Sewing machine for thick fabric
  • Heavy duty Mechanical sewing machine
  • Sewing Speed Up to 860 SPM
  • Extra high presser foot for sewing thick fabrics
  • Adjustable thread tension
Singer 4411 BEST budget sewing machine for thick fabric
  • Heavy Duty Sewing Machine
  • Sewing Speed Up to 860 SPM
  • 60% stronger than the industry standard
  • Adjustable presser foot pressure control for sewing light to heavy fabrics
Reliable 4000SW
Reliable 4000 SW for strong fabric
  • heavy-duty walking foot machine
  • Sewing Speed Up to 2000 RPM
  • Large capacity Hook
  • Higher foot lift allows it to sew from medium to heavy weight fabric

Top 5 Sewing machines for thick fabric

  1. Top choice Janome HD3000 Sewing Machine Features: High duty, 18 built in stitches, Built in needle threader,Reverse stitch lever.
  2. Best Budget Singer 4411 Sewing Machine Features: Heavy Duty Sewing Machine With Accessory Kit & Foot Pedal, 11 built in stitches,speed of 1100 stitches per mint
  3. Reliable 4000SW Sewing Machine Features: Single Needle Walking Foot Sewing Machine With 550W Sewquiet Servomotor, 2,000-RPM, Large Capacity Hook, 14 mm Foot Lift.
  4. Sailrite heavy-duty sewing machine Features: Includes the Power Plus Balance Wheel, Extra wide presser feet,variable stitch length upto 6mm.
  5. Tandy Leather Tippmann Boss Features: self-sufficient, Build with durable metal parts,Includes a thread stand, bobbin winder adapter, two bobbins.

1. Janome HD3000 Sewing Machine

9.6/10 Our Score
  • Material:Metal
  • Dimension:10 x 19 x 15 inches
  • Weight:18.7 pounds

When it comes to sewing thick fabric, this is the best sewing machine.   Here’s why:

  • 1. Ease of use
  • 2. Built to last
  • 3. Extra features

Ease of Use

There isn’t much you can complain about in terms of the features. Janome HD3000 machine offers almost everything you will ever need to sew like a pro. Have you ever had trouble threading the needle? You won’t have to worry about that anymore! A built-in needle threader is included with the Janome HD 3000.

Although you will not be able to see the eye of the needle, you will be amazed at how smoothly it threads. A further benefit is that the threads are automatically cut by the built-in thread cutter as well. This means that you won’t need to hunt for scissors every time you want to switch stitches.

The sewing speed and efficiency of this machine is promising, and it doesn’t let you down at all. Using the automatic bobbin winding feature, the threads are wound neatly and evenly on to the bobbin. As a further advantage, the see-through drop-in plate allows you to estimate when the bobbin is going to run out, since you can see how much there is left in the bobbin.

Further, it contains 18 stitch designs, including an easy-switch feature that allows you to switch between stitch designs without any difficulty.

However, even though it was designed for professionals, beginners can use it as well. The whole system is mechanical, which makes navigation much easier than ever.

Built to Last

Janome HD 3000 lets you sew heavy-duty clothes quickly, and you can use it for various purposes. Even though this Machine weighs 19 pounds, its solid weight will enable you to sew continuously without moving at all during the heavy sewing sessions.

The sturdy Machine will last for an extended period. This Machine comes with a 25-year warranty, which is an unbelievable deal.

Extra Features

There is also an over-sized reversed lever at the front of this Machine. You can use this lever to reinforce different stitches. The free-arm feature on this Machine makes it easier and quicker to sew areas that are hard to reach, such as sleeves and cuffs. A further plus is the electronic foot control, which is particularly helpful when working with thick and resistant fabrics.

  • Perfect for beginners due to its complete mechanical nature
  • Durable storage case allows for easy transport
  • Long-lasting warranty (25 years)
  • User guide and tutorial included for ease of use
  • High speed motor that stitches up to 860 stitches per minute
  • Presser foot with easy snapping action
  • In some cases, the built-in light is so perfectly angled that using the machine at night may be difficult for people with bad eyesight
  • Small work table that limits the size of the project
  • Foot pedal with a short cord

In short

If you plan to sew thick fabric, then the Janome HD 3000 is the way to go – regardless of whether you are a novice or expert sewer. A user-friendly tutorial and reference guide are included to help you get started. This machine is capable of handling any fabric no matter how tough.

2. SINGER 4411 Sewing Machine

9.4/10 Our Score
  • Material:Metal
  • Dimension:18 x 8.8 x 13.4 inches
  • Weight:14.5 Pounds

The best sewing machine in terms of overall industry sales, the SINGER 4411 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine excels in these four areas:

  • 1.Ease of use
  • 2. Performance
  • 3.Durability
  • 4.Extra features

Ease of Use

Singer 4411 has many features that will ensure you have a trouble-free experience using it. This sewing machine is equipped with an automatic needle threader, which is a time-saving feature. Moreover, another feature of this machine is that it has a drop-in bobbin system, which allows for easy loading of the bobbins into the bobbin system.
Furthermore, the cover allows you to see how much thread is left on your bobbin, so you know when you are going to run out of thread. In addition, when it comes to button holes, it will guide you through every step to ensure you get fabulous results.
The machine is capable of handling anything you can throw at it, and it will do the job quickly. With the adjustable foot pressure control, you can sew lightweight fabrics to heavy fabrics with ease.


There is no doubt that it is one of the best heavy fabric sewing machines available in the market due to its excellent performance.
The first thing to note is that the noise level is acceptable, so you don’t have to shout if you speak with someone. Thanks to its powerful motor, SINGER 4411 machine can stitch up to 1100 stitches per minute. As a result, you can finish your projects faster and less time.
The dials are convenient, making it easy to adjust the needle position and stitch length quickly and easily. The stitches are also well defined for consistent stitching.


A heavy-duty metal frame holds all the mechanisms inside of this machine in place. This ensures that the stitching won’t be skipped. Another advantage is its compact design, which enhances its durability. As a result, it will ensure that your machine will last a long time. A 25-year limited warranty is also nice.

Extra Features

There are four presser feet included in the package, so you will not have to worry about anything. Whether you want to sew buttons, zippers, buttonholes, or any other type of sewing project, a presser foot can be used.

In addition to the instruction manual and quilting guide that comes with the SINGER 4411 also includes a carrying bag that makes it easy to travel with your machine. A stainless steel bed-plate with a smooth fabric feeding mechanism is also one of the things you will appreciate about this machine. This means you will no longer have to worry about your fabric hanging up.

  • An extra-strong motor (60% stronger than the industry standard)
  • A heavy-duty metal frame for enhanced stability and durability
  • SINGER Sewing Assistant App for tutorials
  • Several accessories are included
  • Convenient to use
  • Faster than most other models on the market
  • I faced little difficulty in needle position
  • Bobbin casing will sometimes bunch up
  • Not easy to sew hard-to-reach areas, such as sleeves and hems, without a free arm

Bottom Line

SINGER 4411 sewing machine’s heavy-duty construction and powerful motor impressed us. It is made of high-quality materials and will do the job well.

3. Reliable 4000SW sewing Machine for thick fabric

9.3/10 Our Score
  • Brand:Reliable
  • Dimension:7 x 21 x 10.5 inches
  • Weight:220 Pounds

Best Features

  • 1.Large capacity hook
  • 2. Single row feed dog
  • 14mm foot lift
  • User guide included

Quality Construction

One of the best things about this sewing machine is the quiet and low vibration design. Furthermore, the build quality makes it as durable as reliable, which is simply a bonus. In contrast to most other sewing machines, the Reliable 4000SW’s stand is always a pleasure to use.
The tabletop and the legs of the stand are made out of 100% plywood. In addition to the noise reduction designed into the machine, this machine also offers outstanding quality and minimal disruption.


There is no question that the Reliable 4000SW delivers exemplary performance. This machine is specially designed for heavy sewing jobs. Therefore, if you seek versatility, this machine may be for you. Thanks to its large hook part and its maximum speed of 2000 RPM, the machine will achieve fantastic results in a short time.
With the help of this machine, you can stitch through almost any type of fabric on your tabletop. The powerful feeding system makes this possible. Furthermore, you can adjust the stitch length so that you can sew all day long.

Extra Features

This machine has a lot of features that you can use. There are also zipper foot sets that may be useful to you as you can use them with fabrics from medium to heavyweight. It comes with heavy-duty needles, which is a great option for heavyweight materials. With a walking foot, this machine emphasizes continence.

Ease of Use

It is effortless to operate this machin. It can sew thick seams without having to worry about the machine jamming. In addition to that, it comes with a simple instruction manual that will make it easy for you to follow. Furthermore, it also has easy threading mechanisms to make it easier for you.
It has a 14mm foot lift, which makes it suitable for any user. When sewing sleeves and hems, the free arm is a plus. This machine does a great job! It is hard to compare the Reliable 4000SW with anything else.

  • 2,000 RPM maximum speed
  • Durable and reliable construction
  • Quiet servomotor
  • Simple instructions and manual
  • Provides flexibility and versatility
  • Faster than most other models on the market
  • It must be manually lubricated and this takes time
  • Not safe sewing at high speed as it is not well balanced

Here’s the Bottom Line

Reliable 4000SW is suitable for sewing heavy fabric material. Its high-speed operation is one of the best sewing machines for industrial use. Besides the great features and all the accessories that come with it, this machine is worth the price.

4. Sailrite Heavy duty Machine

9.0/10 Our Score
  • Material:Canvas, Leather
  • Dimension:18.5 x 17 x 15 inches
  • Weight:48.6 pounds

Best Features

  • Wheels with Power Plus balance
  • Extra wide presser foot
  • Post-pin clutching system
  • Comprehensive guidebook

Power and precision

To sew thick fabrics, power and precision are the essential things you will need. In other words, a less powerful motor will not be able to punch through the thick fabric without breaking the needle. A great feature of the Sailrite Heavy-Duty Ultrafeed LSZ-1 sewing machine is its built-in commercial features. These features enable you to sew thick fabrics together effortlessly.

This machine uses a Power Balance plus rather than utilising a flywheel like those found on traditional balance machines. Despite its small size, the wheel is capable of providing double the strength to the needle for easy stitching through heavier fabrics.

With Sailrite’s Posi-Pin Clutching System, 100% of the wheel’s power is transferred directly to the needle. Using this technique will be impossible for you to slip when you are working with materials that are difficult to penetrate.


There have been rumours that products of the 1950s and 1960s were designed to last, while today’s sewing machines are typically made of cheap plastics, which is why they break more easily. While the Sailrite Heavy-Duty Ultrafeed LSZ-1 is made out of steel, all of its exposed exterior materials are made of metal, making it more durable.

Furthermore, its heavyweight ensures its stability. The machine’s weight ensures that the machine does not move during heavy sewing sessions.

Ease of Use

It is easy and quick to set up the Sailrite Heavy-Duty Ultrafeed LSZ-1, and you can start using it as soon as possible. A comprehensive, full-colour guidebook answers beginners’ questions and explains all the functions.
In contrast to many thick fabric sewing machines, the Sailrite comes with a DVD that describes how to use and maintain it. This sewing machine is also efficient because of its wide foot and piping tunnel.

Extra Features

You can make sewing a full-fledged activity by including a variety of accessories that are included in the kit. Four bobbins are included for easy threading of the machine. It is possible to change the fabric colors very easily.

Due to the guidebook, Sailrite Heavy-Duty Ultrafeed LSZ-1 can be maintained by anyone without the help of a professional. Additionally, a tool kit is included to simplify the maintenance process.

  • Comes with a DVD and guidebook for usage and maintenance tutorials
  • Extremely powerful and can sew multiple layers with ease
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • High durability
  • Very heavy
  • Thread occasionally stuck in the bobbin system

Bottom Line

The Sailrite Heavy-Duty Ultrafeed LSZ-1 BASIC Walking Foot Sewing Machine provides you with an easy way to sew through thicker materials. The system is powered by a powerful motor and is equipped with a patented clutching system that is twice as powerful as a traditional clutch.

Compared to entry-level sewing machines, this machine is quite expensive; however, considering what it can do, it is well worth the price.

5. Tandy Leather Tippmann Boss sewing machine

9.0/10 Our Score
  • Thread Sizes:69 to 415
  • Stitch Length Adjustment:4 per inch – 16 per Inch Adjustable
  • Weight:21 lbs

Best Features

  • 3 or 4 different types of needles
  • 1 pool of white thread
  • Two built-in bobbins

Heavy Duty Construction

You can sew through thick fabrics with Tippman sewing machines, making it easy and convenient for you. Perhaps you’re wondering how good this machine is, but I assure you that the machine can handle even the most challenging materials up to four inches thick.
This machine can stitch through a variety of rigid materials, including nylon, canvas, denim, and plastic. That is possible thanks to the rugged aluminium housing. Regardless of the type of SEWING project you are working on, you can be sure you will get professional results. Tippman’s machine comes with a one-year warranty that guarantees durability.

Ease of Use

It does not matter whether you are a novice or an expert; the most important thing to look for when shopping for a sewing machine is user-friendliness. One of the best things about the Tippman is how easy it is to use. Another great thing about this machine is that it is entirely self-sufficient. To operate it, there are no cords or electrical connections necessary.
It only takes a few seconds to sew; grab the handle, and you’ll have great stitches in no time. It’s that easy. Depending on the thread size, needle size, and tension, you can adjust the stitch length.

  • It is a money saver since it does not run a motor or draw much electricity
  • • Portable and lightweight
  • It is easy to maintain since everything is accessible
  • It is easy to use whether you are a beginner or a professional
  • The price is reasonable and everyone can afford it
  • Long-term use of hand-crank systems can be tiring
  • The lack of an electric motor makes them slower than other machines

Things to keep in mind when choosing best sewing machine for thick fabric

Sewing thick fabrics can be a challenge for beginner sewers and experienced professionals. It is important to consider your needs and preferences before choosing a sewing machine for this particular task.

Types of Sewing Machine Needles

It is essential to understand that different fabric thicknesses require needles with different sharpness, weave, and eye-point size. A major distinction between thick fabrics is the weave of the fabric, with less-than-average thickness being woven materials and more-than-average thickness being non-woven materials. Thicker fabrics are usually made from spacer polyester or nylon fibers.
Sewing machines used for thicker fabrics require different needles. So, the type of needle you should choose will depend on your needs and preferences.

Machine Type for Thicker Fabrics

If you plan on thick sewing fabrics regularly, it is best to choose a machine with an extra-high lift and drop feed dogs. These feed dogs assist in feeding thicker fabric, making the process easier and smoother. With these feed dogs, you will be able to make accurate and precise stitches every single time.
Another consideration is the construction of your sewing machine. Sewing machines are composed of two parts, the main body, and the removable table. This table is used to position thick fabrics under the presser foot for stitching. It would be best to choose a sewing machine that will not disappoint you by moving out of place during sewing or causing other problems while handling heavier fabrics.
If you are a sewing enthusiast, then it is best to buy a dedicated thick fabric model that offers extra-high lift and drop feed dogs for smooth feeding of thicker fabric materials.

Needle Positions and Stitch Settings

Sewing machines for thicker fabrics often offer different needle positions to ensure accurate stitching beyond the regular straight stitch. The other important consideration is the stitch length setting that should adjust for different fabric types. Changing these settings can increase or decrease stitch density depending on your requirements.

Presser’s feet

Presser’s feet are designed to help you sew easily and more accurately. It is best to choose a machine with both regular and deep throat plates or an extra-high lift presser foot for holding the fabric firmly in place during stitching. Thicker fabrics require standard foot length adjustment along with lockstitch construction.

Needle threader

The needle thread is extremely important, as it holds two pieces of fabric together. To ensure smooth stitching and accurate results, you need the best quality needle thread that matches with your sewing machine, as well as a reliable needle threader to quickly and easily draw the thread through the eye of the needle so that you can stitch fabrics easily.


Accessories are essential for sewing thick fabrics, as they can help you sew with ease and more effectively. To increase the efficiency of your task, you should consider buying an additional spool pin that helps run multiple threads in stitch construction. It would help if you also had a pressing tool to smooth out stitches every time you stitch on different fabric materials.


Sewing machines for thick fabrics are available in various price ranges. You should choose a model that best suits your requirements and offers everything you need to create quality stitches every time. The more accessories the sewing machine has, the higher its price will be, but at the same time, you can save money by spending less on fabric because of the perfect stitching.


If you’re looking for a best sewing machine for thick fabric, this article has provided some great options to consider. Whether your preference is computerized or not, plenty of styles and brands are available on the market today. The key is finding one with features tailored to suit your needs to be more enjoyable and efficient when handling different types of projects. We hope these suggestions have helped you find just what you’re looking for.

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