JUKI TL-2000Qi Sewing and Quilting Machine Review

Picture this: you design your own super cool backpack, or fix your favorite ripped jeans! A sewing machine can make it happen, and the JUKI TL-2000Qi might be the perfect one. It looks a little complicated, but it can do amazing things. If you’re curious about whether this machine is a good fit, keep reading! In this review, I’ll break down everything you need to know about the JUKI TL-2000Qi, from how easy it is to use to all the cool stuff it can sew. Let’s see if it’s the right sewing machine for your next project.

JUKI TL-2000Qi Review

Juki TL2000qi Sewing and Quilting Machine Features

Juki TL 2000QI is currently one of the best and most popular sewing and quilting machine that you can buy. There are many features like free motion quilting and adjustment of pressure on the presser foot that can’t be found in other sewing machines of this price range and why you should consider this machine over others.

Even though this machine might look a little bit pricy to some people, it is definitely a good choice. Also, this sewing machine has got a full metal body frame that gives it a stronghold on the places. While working with big and thick fabrics this sewing machine will not vibrate and you will be able to do your work without any worries.

High-Speed Stitching

There are only a few sewing machines out there like Juki TL-2000QI that provide high-speed stitching. This machine is capable of providing a stitching speed up to 1500 stitches per minute. While this feature might not look too useful for some people, it is definitely helpful to expert and professional sewers in stitching quickly.

If you have got a lot of stitching work to do, then you will definitely find this feature useful. The only disadvantage here is that you can’t adjust the sewing speed as there is no dial available for it. Though instead of that you can use a presser foot to make stitches slowly and as per your need without any adjustment.

Advanced Features For Beginners

Apart from its high stitching speed and top-quality metal finish, this machine has got a lot of features that make it worth the price. One such unique feature is advanced thread trimming that allows you to use a foot controller trimmer so you can cut the bobbin thread and the top thread easily with your foot without using your hands.


Also, you can adjust the thread tension in this machine so you can get perfect stitches on different fabrics. The needle position can be adjusted up and down which is really helpful to those who are looking for sewing machines for quilting. These are just some of the features that we have mentioned and this machine has got a lot more than these.

Large Working Space

One thing that we really liked about this machine is that Juki TL-2000QI comes with a detachable extension table that can be used to increase or decrease the size of the working area. Out of the box, you will get this table separately, so if you want to use it then you can attach it with the machine easily.

This makes the entire quilting process easier and you can work with bigger fabrics without letting them hang down. When you are not working with big fabrics then you can use the extension table either for keeping accessories on it or remove it to use the machine itself. We will recommend you to look for this feature in other machines too.

Easy To Use Features

The features of this sewing machine might sound a little advanced but all of them are easy to use. When you want to change the stitch length, then you can just spin the dial and the needles will change the length automatically. It supports 6 different stitch lengths ranging from 1mm to 6mm, where 6mm being the longest stitch.

Also, with a single tap will you will be able to turn on or off the LED lights that come really handy in low light conditions. While working on dark fabrics, you can use the LED light for easy stitching and sewing. Many sewing machines of this price range might not have all these features.

Pros and cons of Juki TL2000qi Sewing Machine


  • High-quality full metal body frame.
  • 1500 stitches per minute speed.
  • Automatic needle threader.
  • LED lights for assistance.
  • Good for free-motion quilting.


  • No LCD display panel.

FAQs: Juki TL2000qi Machine

Is Juki TL2000qi A Good Sewing Machine?

Juki TL-2000QI is definitely a good machine and if you are looking for a heavy-duty sewing machine for both home and professional use, then you can buy this machine without thinking twice. This machine has got a lot of useful features that can’t be found in other sewing machines of this price range.

How Many Presser Foot Comes With Juki TL2000qi?

Out of the box, you will get two presser foot with this machine and they are Standard Presser Foot and Even Feed Foot. Well, this might be a disadvantage of this machine and those who are looking for sewing machines with different types of presser foot might have to spend a couple of dollars more to get more presser foot for this machine.
While buying this machine you can opt-in to get more presser foot as additional accessories. If you already have a presser foot, then you can use them with this machine without any worries. Every presser foot is available for Juki TL-2000QI and they are hemming foot, zipper foot, quilting foot, piping foot, and many more.

Can Juki TL2000qi Sew Leather?

Since Juki TL-2000QI sewing machine is made for quilting, this machine can sew leather and other thick fabrics too. Though, if you are new to quilting, then we will recommend you use thin fabrics first with this machine as the stitching speed is way too fast and beginners might not be able to handle it.
Talking about the fabrics, then you can use almost every fabric with this sewing machine without any worries. We have personally tried different materials like leather, silk, velvet, georgette, and many more. Before using any thick fabric, make sure to change the needle and its position to make it work correctly.

What Accessories Do You Get With Juki TL2000qi?

Accessories play an important role in every work you do on your sewing machines. Whether it is sewing, stitching, quilting, or seaming, you will definitely need some additional tools and accessories to get your work done. That is why we always recommend users look for sewing machines that comes with all useful accessories.
There are many accessories that you will get with Juki TL-2000QI, the same you get with Singer 4452 sewing machine. Below we have mentioned all of the accessories that you will get with the Juki TL-2000QI sewing machine out of the box.
Standard and Even Feed Foot
Foot Controller
Auxiliary Table
Exclusive Screwdriver
Screwdriver (Small)
Sewing Machine Cover
Power Cord
Knee Lift Lever
Cleaning Brush
Bobbins (4)
Needle Set
Spool Cap

Can A Beginner Use Juki TL2000qi?

If you are a complete beginner and don’t have any experience of sewing and quilting, then you might not be able to use this sewing machine. Though you can consider buying Juki TL-2000QI over other sewing machines because this machine has got easier to use features than other machines of this price range.
If you are a fast learner and understand the features of sewing machines easily, then you can buy Juki TL-2000QI without any worries. This sewing machine was made for moderate to heavy sewing machine users but there is no sewing machine out there which can’t be used by beginners and the same goes for Juki TL-2000QI.

Juki TL2000qi Quilting Machine Video Guide


So this is all about the Juki TL 2000qi sewing machine and we hope now you know everything about this machine. There are many sewing machines in this price range available out there but not all of them offer the same features that Juki TL 2000qi has to offer. If you are clever enough, then you will definitely choose this machine over others.

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