Singer 4452 Review | Singer Heavy Duty Sewing Machine

Today, we are going to look at Singer 4452 review, which is a heavy-duty sewing machine with some impressive high-end features. Even though it is not fully metal, and has some hard plastic (hard type) parts, we still feel it is a durable and well-built sewing machine that does the job well.

 Although it isn’t the cheapest machine in the market, it may or may not be suited to your needs depending on your budget and sewing skills. This detailed review will look at some of the characteristics and features of the 4452 Heavy Duty model.

Singer 4452 Review

Features of Singer 4452 Heavy Duty Sewing Machine:

We don’t say that this model has an overwhelming number of features, but it does have almost everything you need to sew well and comfortably.


We don’t say that this model has an overwhelming number of features, but it does have almost everything you need to sew well and comfortably.

If you look at the machine, you can tell that it will last for a very long time. Despite some plastic exterior parts, the machine has a sturdy look and feel thanks to the stainless steel bedplate and metal frame. It is hard plastic, a very durable kind of plastic, so it does not take away from the ‘heavy-duty feel of the machine.

┬áIt weighs about 15lbs, which makes it heavy enough to stay firmly in place on your table or countertop and not move when you’re using it. Compact size and shape allow it to be placed almost anywhere without requiring too much space.

Singer 4452


With 32 stitches already built-in, you can customize your own design. The basic stitch, decorative stitch, and stretch stitch are all included. People who are passionate about creating decorative pieces can mix and match to create unique designs.

Also included is an automatic 1-step buttonhole that does the job for you. To get accurate and smooth-looking buttonholes every time, you simply have to select the pattern and stitch settings and place the buttonhole foot.


Heavy fabrics, such as denim and leather, can be easily sewn with the motor’s powerful motor. You can use this machine to sew quilts if you love to do so.  It has a powerful motor that is far superior to most standard sewing machines.


This is on the top and comes with a clear cover, so you can see how much thread you have.

Automatic Needle Threader

In order to thread a needle through a hole, you must be very concentrated and your eyes will be overworked. With the automatic needle threader, you will now be able to rest your eyes while sewing instead of spending time manually threading the needle.

Drop Feed

The feed dogs can be disengaged when you are sewing in free-motion, for example, when you are making a quilt or making your own designs. Drop feeds enable you to move the fabric as desired by lowering the feed dogs.

Adjustable presser foot pressure

The presser foot’s pressure can be adjusted to give you the right amount of press depending on the type and weight of fabric you are using. Simple adjustments can be made by turning the dial. Pre-set settings fit most sewing types, but if you wish to adjust them, you can turn the knob clockwise or counter-clockwise for loosening or tightening.

Needle Positions

The machine comes equipped with three-needle positions, which are great for sewing projects such as adding a zipper or piping, a top stitch, and even regular stitching. Depending on the task, the needle can be positioned to the left, the middle, or to the right.

Extra Accessories

Accessories are designed to make your life easier and give you that extra touch when working on your project. With this product, you’ll find heavy-duty extras such as the even feed/walking foot, clearance foot, heavy-duty needles, and screwdriver, as well as a number of other essential items.

User Guide

You will find all the information you need in the instruction booklet that comes with the machine if you are just learning how to sew or if you have never used a sewing machine before. Even if you are familiar with sewing machines, it is recommended that you read the guide because each machine works differently so the manual is designed to help you understand how it works.

Pros and cons of Singer 4452


  • Easy to use
  • Comes with 32 built-in stitches
  • High-speed stitching (1,100 stitches per minute)
  • Strong motor to help you sew all kinds of fabrics like denim and quilt materials
  • Essential features like automatic needle threader and adjustable presser foot
  • Heavy duty performance
  • Fully Automatic 1-step Buttonhole


  • The machine jammed and also made loud noises for some
  • Some customers stated that the foot did not raise high enough for very thick materials

FAQs about singer 4452 sewing machine

Is it possible to sew leather with it?

Yes, it’s great for sewing leather and jeans as well.

Is it equipped with a quilted table?


Approximately how many decorative stitches does it have?

There are 18 decorative stitches, as well as six basic and seven stretch stitches.


After reading Singer 4452 Review, we can say that this sewing machine is very good in terms of quality and features. As it includes everything a user needs for a complete and pleasurable sewing experience, even beginners will love to start their first projects on it. By keeping it simple, it removes all the complications and difficulties of high-end sewing machines without sacrificing quality. 

The machine provides impeccable power and speed, so you can sew all your fashion pieces as well as decorative pieces, such as tablecloths, pillowcases, and quilts. This machine is also great for sewing denim and leather.

Although the price could’ve been less since you can find similar machines for less money, the fact that this product is from Singer, a brand we are all familiar with for producing high-quality items, gives you the assurance that you will not be disappointed in its performance and durability over the long run.

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