Singer 7258 Sewing machine review

The singer 7258 sewing machine review is designed for people who want to know what the singer 7258 sewing machine can do. This singer model was released in 2007 and has managed to stay popular in the U.S. market because of its fast speed, heavy-duty construction, and free arm feature that makes it easier for quilters.

Singer 7258 sewing machine review

Features Of The Singer 7258

The most important features of the SINGER 7258, which immediately make an impression, are:

• 100 different stitches
• Automatic threading
• LCD screen
• Top drop-in bobbin with clear cover
• Electronic auto pilot
• 10 different presser feet included
• Illuminated workspace
• 7 automatic one-step button-holes
• Needle up/down programming and power on/off button
• Automatic tension

As you can see the SINGER 7258 includes everything the passionate seamstress/tailor needs, making it perfect for all kinds of projects. Aside from the features, the SINGER 7258 also offers plenty of benefits to its user.

Benefits of Using the SINGER 7258

Even for someone who hasn’t worked with older sewing machines, it isn’t hard to appreciate how amazing the design of the SINGER 7258 truly is. After all the many year’s experiences of the SINGER, the company has made them experts when it comes to helping people who like sewing.

The LCD screen of the SINGER 7258 is certainly one of its most handy features. This little screen displays plenty of information, which would have been too hard to program without. When trying to choose one of the 100 different stitches, for instance, the button next to the screen needs to be pressed and the LCD screen will show you which stitch you have selected. A table beneath the screen shows you graphically how the stitch you choose looks like.

Among these 100 different stitches, there are 9 basic ones, mainly used for crafting simple projects and mending. There are 8 straight stitches that move with your fabric and 76 decorative ones, which add a creative look to your projects. There are six different button-holes programmed into the machine and the option to create another button-hole whose sides can go on for as long as you program the machine to do so.

singer 7258

There is no worry about having a hard time seeing what you do since the working area of the SINGER 7258 is brightly illuminated with a LED light. The oversized, removable table offers a larger working space when you choose to work on a large project, like a quilt for instance. This extension table includes a storage space within, which has ample space to accommodate the various accessories that come with your SINGER 7258. The free arm is perfect for sewing on sleeves and small clothes, which aren’t easy to reach in any other way.

Let’s not forget about that time-wasting chore of threading the needle. With the SINGER 7258, you can forget about trying to push that thread into your needle for minutes at a time. The automatic threading function of this sewing machine will do this for you in an instant.

The practical top drop-in bobbin is easy to feed and the clear cover on it allows you to see when you are running out of thread.

At any time during sewing, you can simply change the direction towards which your machine sews by pressing the automatic reverse button. The speed slide lets you choose how fast or slow you want to work on your project. You can go as fast as 750 stitches per minute if you want to be done quickly, or spend longer time on tricky projects.

Why Should You Buy the SINGER 7258?

When it comes to such an advanced piece of technology like the SINGER 7258, the question should be: why shouldn’t you want one? This is such a great sewing machine, designed to make your sewing hobby (or work) so much easier and more fun.

After all, it gives you plenty of reasons to like it:

• Practicality. The SINGER 7258 strips tedious details away from sewing and leaves you only with the creative tasks of choosing stitches and creating masterpieces.
• High quality. This sewing machine comes with an impressive 25-year guarantee, which can be attributed to its strong metal frame and robust build.
• Versatility. A hundred different stitches are more than enough to create unique and amazing handicrafts.

My Personal Experience with SINGER 7258

I am in love with this sewing machine. I used the SINGER 7258 Stylist to make two blazers and it was so easy. Well, I know this sewing machine is good if I use it to make and finish more than two garments. This sewing machine did an excellent job in serving its purpose. It includes a buttonhole feature that my mother praised when we were using it together because everything about it is convenient for beginners or those who want to keep things simple (like me). There is nothing more convenient than this model – which means much less mental and physical stress during each session- plus it makes threading tasks as easy as butter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this machine suitable for beginners?

Yes, it comes with all the features which first-time users will find handy.

Can it hem pants?

Yes, you can easily hem pants and do shirt collar and cuffs thanks to free arm.

Are the internal sewing parts metal or plastic?

The internal sewing parts are all metal.

Can I work on leather making use of this machine?

It will depend on the thickness of the leather. Also, use the right needle when working.

Pros and Cons of Sewing 7258


The Singer 7258 is a machine for anyone and everyone who want to sew. Whether you have experience or not sewing was never easier than this. The machine has 100 built-in stitches for working on projects spanning from quilts to home décor. Jam-proof automatic bobbin system makes sewing an easy task.

Automatic needle threading and bobbin winding make threading the machine simple and quick. You are provided with an instructional DVD to learn all the features of the machine.

The heavy metal frame makes the machine rigid and long-lasting. Tie-off straight stitch is a feature that reinforces the beginning and end of the seams. The automatic reverse lever conveniently reinforces the stitches.


On the downside, LED lighting of the workspace is reported to be too dim by some users. Also, the stitch selection making use of LED display is problematic for some. For some, there were jamming issues. All these problems however can be overcome with experience in working with the machine.


At the price it is offered, the Singer 7258 is the best shot you have got. Sewing with the Singer 7258 is simple and seamless. All you have to do is thread the machine that takes less than 6 seconds thanks to the automatic threading option and you are ready to go.

There can be some problems for the first time but as you sew and gain experience the machine will prove to be one of the best you worked on.

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