Singer quantum stylist 9960 review

Why would you even consider buying other sewing machines with the same price but fewer features than the Singer Quantum Stylist Computerized Sewing Machine?

The machine itself offers practicality at its best, giving you many of the high-quality functions of other machines without the hefty price tags (because who needs the high price tags when it’s not necessary?)

Singer 9960 sewing machine review

If it is a Singer sewing machine, then it absolutely has to be a great investment. This is how we usually think whenever we hear of a sewing machine from SINGER brand. The Singer Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine did not disappoint as it wows customers with its never-ending features and ease of use.

This product comes in two versions – the 9960 and the 9970. These machines feature automatic needle threaders and top drop-in bobbin systems, 600 built-in stitches, including 10 kinds of fully automatic one-step buttonholes, and five types of fonts.

In addition, the one-touch automatic thread cutter makes faster and easier sewing possible. This also has an electronic auto pilot and speed control which makes sewing difficult areas as error-free as possible.

The difference between the two models is that the 9970 model includes six extra bonus feet with chenille stitching, edge joining, gathering foot, non-stick foot, parallel sewing foot, and seam guide foot. Honestly, the Quantum Stylist Sewing Machine leaves nothing to be desired.

Key Features of Singer quantum stylist 9960

Now being tagged as the machine that does everything anyone will ever need and so much more, the Singer Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine boasts of several outstanding features:

  • Digital Information Advisor – To make choosing from the wide variety of stitches and settings, this product comes with a crystal clear LCD screen. This is where users can find all the stitch information including built-in stitch, length and width settings, and even the recommended presser foot.
  • Free Arm and Extension Table – This product features a removable arm that provides an easier working area to work around cuffs, collars, hems, pant hems, and other difficult-to-reach areas. The extension table is very suitable for working around larger sewing projects including quilts, curtains, bedsheets, sofa covers, and others.
  • Variety of Options There are more than 600 standard stitch patterns available with a stitch reference chart, plus 13 built-in buttonholes that are fully automatic and perfectly sized with an exclusive buttonhole underplate.

So, What Do Other People Think About Singer Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine?

After over 800 reviews from customers who have bought this  Computerized Sewing Machine, it stays with an unscathed 4.5-star rating. With numerous sophisticated options and smart technology, learn more on what customers have to say about it.


After knowing how it works with other sewing machines, it was too hard not to instantly fall in love with this Singer Quantum Stylist. It is regarded as a basic machine but it truly offers so much more. It even comes with an easy-to-understand manual that lets you start in no time.

This product gives the best deal for your money. You are getting so much more than what you pay for. Customers have compared this to many higher and more expensive sewing brands and they all agree that this is by far the most practical choice without having to sacrifice anything at all.

You will love the versatility of this sewing machine too! It is so cleverly designed to let you do pretty much anything you want without having to go through the manual each and every time. It also performs smoothly and quietly making sure you would not bother the rest of the household as you go through your sewing projects.

Why Should You Buy the SINGER 9960?

If you are passionate about sewing, then the answer is quite obvious: this sewing machine is among the best options you have to produce the best handicrafts you possibly can. This isn’t a machine for the amateur or the occasional dabbler. The SINGER 9960 is a piece of art created to give a whole new world of abilities to its users:

•    Extreme versatility. With over 600 unique stitches and over 1000 stitch choices in whole, you can’t expect more choices than this.
•    Vast array of features. Only a few sewing machines offer so many features and bonuses all included in the price.
•    Great quality. The robust build of this sewing machine will make it last far longer than its 25-year guarantee implies.
•    Easy to use. Despite the many features, the SINGER 9960 is designed to be very easy to learn how to use.

My Personal Experience with the SINGER 9960 Sewing Machine

This machine is my favorite for quilting. Two and a half months after I bought the SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist sewing machine, my mom and I have made two quilts, repaired two others, and created three pillowcases. It really surprises me how smoothly it handles heavy projects. Honestly, I literally screamed and called my mom when I saw it sew our pillows without me attempting to control it. In addition to being entertaining, my mother loves it because it still allows her to sew effortlessly, despite her aching leg muscles

Is Singer Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine The Best Sewing Machine for Me?

This  Computerized Sewing Machine will make you realize that you should have gotten one the moment it came out in the market. Currently priced at a little over $400, this truly comes as a wonderful surprise for the excellent value that you get for the money.

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