Why is my sewing machine jamming? | Fix a Sewing Machine

Why is my sewing machine jamming?

If you have ever sewn a garment and when it was time to take the fabric out of the machine, your sewing machine jammed. You probably panicked right? This article is for you!

In this blog post, we will discuss why is my sewing machine jamming. What causes jamming in a sewing machine and how to fix it?

Reasons Why your sewing machine Jamming

Following are the reason why your sewing machine keeps Jamming and how to fix it

Lack of tension on the upper thread

As you sew, the tension on your upper thread should be working with gravity to pull down and away from your fabric.

If it’s too tight or too loose, then this can cause a jamming problem.

How to fix

To fix this, try turning the handwheel towards you (away from your fabric) until the needle is in its highest position.

Now turn the handwheel back towards you but don’t cross over where it was jammed before!

This will help loosen up any knots that are in there while still maintaining good tension on your upper thread.

Your machine is clogged at some point or place

Sometimes fabric will get caught in your machine and the more you sew, the more it builds up.

How to fix

If this is happening to you then check for any clogs by removing your needle plate or presser foot first before trying to fix a jamming problem.

The needle is deformed or broken

If you have a deformed needle or it is bent, this can cause your machine to jam.

How to fix

Try replacing the needle with one that has adequate points and also check for any other broken parts of your sewing machine.

The feed dogs are not functioning properly

Feed dogs are the teeth on your machine that will help move your fabric through. If they’re worn down or not moving, this can cause a jamming problem.

How to fix

One way to fix this is by adjusting the tension of your upper thread and loosening it up so you have more room for movement when sewing forward with feed dogs engaged.

Another way is by making sure that all belts on the machine are taut and there’s nothing blocking them from going around in their tracks.

Another thing you can do is make sure any bobbins loaded in your machine match what type of stitch you’ll be using (i.e., zig-zag stitches need shorter threads).

Finally, if none of these work then take off the needle plate

Low-quality thread

Low-quality thread can cause jams because it’s not as strong and therefore doesn’t handle the tension of your upper thread well.

How to fix

If you are experiencing this issue then try switching to a higher-quality sewing machine needle such as titanium or polyester before trying any remedies for why is my sewing machine jamming.


In conclusion, we’ve covered why is my sewing machine jamming. What causes a jamming problem and how to fix it?

Hopefully, these tips help you out next time your sewing matching jams while working on an important project.

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