Brother cs6000i review Features, Pros & Cons

When you are looking for a high-quality sewing machine, the Brother cs6000i is worth taking a closer look at. Designed with your needs in mind, this machine is capable of handling a wide range of tasks. The Brother CS6000i is great for beginners as well as experienced sewers.

This Brother CS6000i review was written after spending a few weeks using this model, and it has become one of our favorites thanks to its ability to perform well for virtually any project we take on. so Keep reading to find out more about this Brother cs6000i.

Brother cs6000i Features

Item Dimensions16 x 6.7 x 11.4 inches
Item Weight13 pounds
Built in stitches60
Stitch Length and Width5 mm x 7 mm (0.19 x 0.27 inches)
Sewing Speed850 stitches per min
Sewing Feet09
Feed dogs6 points
Warranty25-year limited

What is Included in the Brother CS6000i box?

There are a number of features and accessories included with the Brother CS6000i sewing machine. The package includes:

  • the sewing machine itself along with a power cord and foot pedal 
  • Over-sized detachable wide table for longer projects
  • Hard carrying protective case
  • Accessories include 3 bobbins, a twin needle, a screwdriver, Bobbins, Seam Ripper, Oil, And Brush.
  • 9 presser feet and Instruction Manual in English and Spanish Language


Can this machine be used by anyone?

The machine is an excellent choice for those who want to get started sewing or quilting. Despite its simplicity, the machine offers a variety of stitches that even beginners can use. Its automatic threader and drop-in bobbin make it simple to get started, and the included accessories make it an excellent value.

The Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine: How Does It Work?

Sewing with a variety of fabrics is easy with the automatic needle threader and bobbin winder. Even beginners will feel empowered in their creative journey thanks to the user-friendly design.

Reading through the quick start instructions will help you understand what tools you need for each project, as well as how to use them in the most efficient way – like choosing the right size needles or tying off knots securely to prevent them from unraveling as you work on this impressive machine.

I recommend watching this video if you can’t understand the instruction manual or you prefer a visual explanation of how to use this machine

How to sew with Brother cs6000i

 A detailed Brother CS6000i review 

Feature-rich and incredibly affordable quilting machine under 500$, the Brother CS6000i Feature-Rich Sewing Machine is one of the first options for sewing enthusiasts. It is easy to use and comes with an in-depth manual that makes it easy for beginners and professionals alike to put it into action, adjust, and customize its features.

Moreover, it comes with plenty of accessories, including 60 stitching styles, auto-size buttonholes, a hardcover, and a generous quilting table. The sewing speed is easy to adjust, depending on each style’s necessities, and all accessories can easily be stored in the built-in drawer.

Although it is an affordable sewing machine, it can certainly handle the most complicated patterns. In the initial package, all necessary accessories are included, and the quality is excellent.

A great investment for amateurs sewers as well as professionals sewers, this machine uses the same bobbins and feet as expensive sewing machines. Despite its low price, this sewing machine makes a complicated job look easy and enjoyable, and the benefits of purchasing it are similar to those of sewing machines costing $1,000.

In terms of personal use, this might be your best investment, allowing you to complete complicated projects in no time.

Can it handle various fabrics?

If you’re looking to sew any kind of fabric, from very thin layers like satin and challis to thick denim or corduroy, the Brother CS6000i is a great choice. When sewing on tough material like leather, it can be more challenging because these types of fabrics need extra support during the stitching process to keep things looking neat even if something goes wrong (and accidents do happen!).

If your intention is to primarily use this machine for heavy-duty purposes, I would recommend getting one that is designed specifically for that like the best leather machines

Is the CS6000i good for quilting?

Considering its low price, it’s a very good machine for quilting. It has a wide table so you can work on your quilt in comfort, and you can control the speed with a foot pedal.

Are there any manual features?

There are a number of manual features on the Brother CS6000i that you do not normally find on a home sewing machine. For example, there is an adjustable presser foot pressure control. This can be helpful when working with different types or weights of fabric. You can also adjust the thread tension, which is great when you have to make minor adjustments to get the perfect seam.

With CS6000i, can you embroider or monogram?

It is not a computerized embroidery machine at all. There is no way to load embroidery designs onto the machine. Free-motion embroidery with a wooden hoop can be learned if you’re patient and creative. The sewing machine’s throat will limit you, though. Although a monogramming foot is included, the Brother CS6000i lacks an embedded monogramming font with alphanumeric stitches.

Is it Noisy?

Brother CS6000i does not make a lot of noise. I often sewed with my son sleeping in the baby carrier. You can use this if you like to sew in the morning or evening without disturbing others in the house. However, It can be quite noisy and bouncy when sewing at maximum speed.

My Personal Experience with the Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine

I got really impressed because this one worked perfectly for my sewing needs. I used it to make several clothes for my daughter and it did an amazing job, especially with all the small details that I needed to attend to. I enjoyed playing with this sewing machine’s ability to create 60 stitches, as well. I also loved the fact that it has a bright light for the sewing area. It just makes things a whole lot easier not only for me but for my wife, as well.

Brother cs6000i Pros

  • Lightweight at just 13 pounds, this machine is easy for beginners to use. It comes with pre loaded accessories and programs.
  • A handle is included for easy transport.
  • An added advantage is the dust proof cover, user-friendly manual, and aesthetic design.
  • The control panel features a user-friendly LCD and automatic threading.
  • Large tables make it easy to maneuver.
  • No guesswork required.
  • Feed dogs are easily raised and lowered.
  • You can more clearly see the stitching with better lighting.

Brother cs6000i Cons

  • The tension teething trouble is one.
  • This machine is a bit flimsy and shaky when doing work on thick fabrics.
  • Leather, for example, is too thick and heavy for it to handle.
  • There is no automated embroidery or monogramming.

Unboxing the brother cs6000i

Unboxing Brother cs6000i

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So, that’s our Brother CS6000i review. We hope you now know if this is the machine for you. Take some time to consider if it might be right for your sewing projects. It contains a lot of features and capabilities to meet the needs of just about any sewer. We hope this post was useful in helping you make an informed decision about purchasing the machine and we wish you luck as you begin using all its amazing features!

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